Fill your own flagon – 22 Fresh Biers to chose from

We’re a bit traditional at Westshore Beach Inn, and one tradition that needed to be restored was the good old glass kiwi flagon. Beer is better in glass.

Enjoy the beer, give it a wash with hot non-soapy water and it’s ready for a refill.


Zeelandt - The Pot - Fill Your Flagon Zeelandt - The Camel - Fill Your Flagon Zeelandt - The Caravan - Fill Your Flagon

pot / 1L

Had a hard day’s work? You deserve a beer. Fill your pot fresh from the brewery, sit down and relax. It’s not big enough to share. The beer is all yours. You earned it.

camel / 2.5l

The Camel is perfect for social occasions. Take it to a party or invite your friends over because this Camel keeps on giving. The Camel is ideal for a BBQ or watching the weekend sport.

caravan (6 camels + 1 Camel free)

Got a gang of thirsty workers? Get a Caravan for the ultimate workplace shout. Buy a Caravan of six Camels and we’ll give you a seventh Camel on the house.

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